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Raser Plus [Original Edition 01]

Raser Plus [Original Edition 01]

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RASER PLUS [Original Edition 01]

RASER PLUS specializes in thick gate removal using its proprietary Super-Nano Technology, which provides a powerful sanding experience without leaving scratches on the surface. Its 5mm thickness is suitable for a more stable and better grip working on large parts with thick gates, making this tool a perfect solution for removing gates.

RASER PLUS [Original Edition 01]
The first design of RASER PLUS was inspired by the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones," symbolizing the supremacy of unrivaled quality.

1. Company: GUNPRIMER
2. Model: RASER PLUS
3. Design: Original Edition
4. Components: RASER PLUS x 1
5. Material: Tempered Glass
6. Product Code: R-GR-P1
7. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
8. Package Size: 72 x 122 x 23mm / Weight: 56g
9. Product Size: 20 x 65 x 6mm / Weight: 18 g
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