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MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka Thunderbolt 1/100

MG Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka Thunderbolt 1/100

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–  "Full Armor Gundam" from "Thunderbolt" appears in the "Ver.Ka" series under the thorough supervision of Mr. Hajime Katoki!
–  All armor is removable, and each joint is sealed with vinyl material to reproduce the texture!
–  Each part missile hatch and cockpit hatch can be deployed, and the claws on the sole of the foot are also movable!
–  The chest duct can be selected from 2 patterns, and the emergency pod is equipped with a deformed gimmick and can be stored inside!
–  A backpack with an independently movable arm, abundant armament, and a dedicated pedestal are also included!

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