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HG Gyan Strom (Agnes Giebenrath Custom) 1/144

HG Gyan Strom (Agnes Giebenrath Custom) 1/144

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"GYAN Strom (AGNES GIEBENRATH CUSTOM)" from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" will be released from HG series!

  • Equipped with the "SEED Action System," an internal structure specialized for reproducing impressive action poses from the "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED FREEDOM Series.
  • The connectors of the shoulder armor parts have sliding mechanisms that expand the range of articulation in the arms.
  • The storage grip of the Beam Axe armament with an iconic design can be used to mount the weapon onto the hip by exchanging certain parts.
  • The wings can move and the Missile Launchers can be aimed forward.
  • The chest armor can unfold, and the Gatling Gun parts can be inserted to recreate scenes from the movie.
  • A Heat Rod that can be equipped on the right arm is included!
  • Effect parts that can be attached to the Shield are included!
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