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Full Mechanics Raider Gundam 1/100

Full Mechanics Raider Gundam 1/100

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From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED comes the Full Mechanics Raider Gundam! This is kit features all the gimmicks featured in the show; heavy articulation, retractable claws, arm mounted dual cannons, a rocket mace (which includes a flexible wire and clear stand), as well as the transformation, allowing the Calamity Gundam to ride it (sold separately)! A small stand is also included to support the Raider Gundam in bird mode.

During the First Alliance-PLANT war, the Alliance began deploying pilots with artificially engineered abilities to fight on even ground with the Coordinators. One such pilot was Clotho Buer, who commanded the GAT-X370 Raider Gundam. Built from the same frame as the GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam, it also features a high-speed transformation mode which could allow other suits to ride it. Sporting Dual Hyper Velocity Shield Cannons, a mouth mounted 'Zorn' 100mm Energy Cannon, and a 'Mjolnir' rocket-propelled mace, the Raider Gundam has arguably more destructive power than the Aegis, especially when used by its psychotic pilot.

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