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[ETA Q2 2025] HG Destiny Gundam Spec II & Zeus Silhouette 1/144

[ETA Q2 2025] HG Destiny Gundam Spec II & Zeus Silhouette 1/144

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM", a set of Destiny Gundam Spec II and Zeus Silhouette is now available! The super large armaments are three-dimensionalized with HG quality. Zeus Silhouette can also transform into a standalone MA form. The large body, which is over 500mm in length, can be displayed on the included action base. The hatches on the back and legs of the Zeus Silhouette can be opened and closed, and by replacing parts, the missile warhead can be exposed. The included HG Destiny Gundam Spec II reproduces the coloring of the setting with molding colors. Clear molded parts such as "Wings of Light", "Effects for Palma Fiocina", "Beam Shield", and "Beam Boomerang" are also included. In addition, weapons for Destiny Gundam such as "Arondight Beam Sword" and "High Energy Long Range Beam Cannon" are also included.

[Accessories] High energy beam rifle x 1 Shield x 1 Beam shield x 1 Arondight beam sword x 1 High energy long range beam cannon x 1 Beam parts for beam boomerang x 2 Effect parts for Palma Fiocina x 1 Hand parts for Palma Fiocina x 1 set Wing of light effect x 1 set Missile parts for Zeus silhouette x 1 set Display base x 2 Joint parts for display x 1 set Sticker x 1

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